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Unisex Warming Heated Vest Jacket
Unisex Warming Heated Vest Jacket

Unisex Warming Heated Vest Jacket

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Stay Warm this Winter

With Winter arriving, everyone is trying to find a new means of staying warm during the cold weather. With this Winter Sleeveless Heated Vest Jacket, your worries are now over! This heated vest has 8 heating pads distributed throughout to keep you comfortable and warm this winter. You can adjust the vest to 3 different temperatures depending on the conditions that you are in with a click of a button. All you have to do is connect it with a portable power bank and you are ready to go. Why spend this winter shivering and miserable when you can spend it comfortably and stylishly?

Key Features:

  • 8 heating pads distributed throughout the heated vest for maximum warmth and comfort
  • 3 different temperatures for the user's preference
  • Waterproof to withstand any weather



Gender: MEN
Material Technology: POWER DRY
Material: Cotton, Polyester
Power Supply: 5V/2A Mobile Power(Not Included)
Temperature Shift(Manual adjustment)
Warm: 45 ℃ / 133 °F(Red Light)
Comfort: 35 ℃ / 95 °F(White Light)
Energy Saving: 25 ℃ / 77°F((Blue Light)
Style: Sleeveless Vest
Color: Black/Blue
Washing: By machine or by hand (do not wring

Washing instructions?
1. ALWAYS unplug the power plug from the USB power source and remove the power supply from your pocket before performing any maintenance or washing.

2. Put it in the washing machine at low temperature/speed or hand wash gently.

3. Use a commercial liquid soap. Do not use fabric softeners, organic powders, or strong detergents.

4. Hang dry.

5. DO NOT iron or press.

6. Make sure the jacket is dry before reuse.